Welcome to the Gary Frank Taylor website. I’m Gary Frank Taylor. I usually just go by Gary Taylor, but turns out there are others with that name, so, to be frank with you,  I’ve decided to include my middle name here on my website.

Please check out my /music page. So far, I've got 3 albums and 2 singles here on the site:

Endless Road is the latest album. It is a collection of songs that I wrote over a 49 year period, beginning when I was 15 years old. The record is extra special to me now, because it was the last recordings that I made with Donna, my sweet soulmate and wonderful wife for 46 years. We made the record in 2018 and Donna passed in 2019. Oh, how I miss her.

Man Sitting in Chair Playing Guitar is my all instrumental guitar album. These are guitar solos, with no multi-tracking. I plan to make instructional videos of these songs for my YouTube channel soon. The songs on this album are all great favorites of mine and yours (you’re wondering how I know this). Songs like, Over the Rainbow, La Vie en Rose, Penny Lane, Ticket to Ride, and much more. I did throw in one original which may not be one of your favorites yet, but I hope it will be soon. It’s the one called McMulligan & Reigh. I hope you’ll give them all a listen. Visit our Music page to hear samples.

A Lone Star Christmas Carol is also included. This is a recording of songs that I wrote for a musical. You're in for a treat when you hear Donna singing Oh Ebenezer/Lie to Me and the dreamy Daydream which morphs into the rollicking rant, Durn you, Mr. Scrooge. Donna would always steal the show with this song in live performances.

On September 27, 2019, I lost my beautiful soulmate, Donna. Donna and I married on August 18, 1973. We were 19 years old. We met at age 16, started going together at age 17, got engaged at age 18, got married at age 19, and became parents at age 20. 

I have recently added two songs for Donna: