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For theatre directors and producers interested in A Lone Star Christmas Carol, you can hear the music from the CD here.

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Gary & Donna

Court Street Coffee Shop, 111 W. Court Street, Seguin, TX

Great venue! See you there!


Howdy Scrooge

Price Center, 222 W. San Antonio Street, San Marcos, TX


Howdy Scrooge

Price Center, 222 W. San Antonio Street, San Marcos, TX

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Welcome to the Gary Frank Taylor website and the Gary & Donna website. I’m Gary Frank Taylor and this (I’m pointing to Donna as I type) is my wife, Donna. I usually just go by Gary Taylor, but, turns out there are others with that name, so I’ve decided to include my middle name when referring to my solo guitar work. When referring to our dynamic, harmonic, supersonic singing duo, we will use the name Gary & Donna.


Man Sitting in Chair Playing Guitar is my all new, all instrumental guitar CD. I say all new, meaning the recording is all new. The songs are actually not new, but they are all great favorites of mine and yours (you’re wondering how I know this). Songs like, Over the Rainbow, La Vie en Rose, Penny Lane, Ticket to Ride, and much more. I did throw in one original which may not be one of your favorites yet, but I hope it will be soon. It’s the one called McMulligan & Reigh. I hope you’ll give them all a listen. Visit our Music page to hear samples.