A Tree by the River

Gary Frank Taylor
Gary Frank Taylor


There's a tree by the river

And it's lived a hundred years

Sheds its leaves on the river

But, it never sheds a tear


It's a home for so many

And it breaths into the air

It's alive and it's strong

But it doesn't know it's there


And the sun shines above it

And it steals the golden rays

And a young tree beside it

Never knows the light of day


There's a nest in the branches

In its shade sits a man

He's alive and he knows it

But he doesn't understand


And the sun rises

And the sun goes down 

And it gets back up

But it sets back down

And once more it rises

But it falls again

And a man by a river thinks

The earth must spin


There's a tree by the river

And it's lived a hundred years...

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