Man Sitting in Chair Playing Guitar

by Gary Frank Taylor

Released 2016
Hock the House Records
Released 2016
Hock the House Records
A beautiful, solo instrumental album of classy, jazzy, heartfelt arrangements.
Gary's arrangements are first class and his playing is from the heart. This music is perfect listening for a road trip or a candlelight dinner; but please don't limit it to those occasions only. It's great music for any occasion!

Gary says:
Man Sitting in Chair Playing Guitar is my all new, all instrumental guitar CD. I say all new, meaning the recording is all new. The songs are actually not new, but they are all great favorites of mine and yours (you’re wondering how I know this). Songs like, Over the Rainbow, La Vie en Rose, Penny Lane, Ticket to Ride, and much more. I did throw in one original which may not be one of your favorites yet, but I hope it will be soon. It’s the one called McMulligan & Reigh. I hope you’ll give them all a listen.

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