Christmas Morning

by Gary and Donna

Released 2014
Hock the House
Released 2014
Hock the House
Gary's style varies from song to song and has been described as "a whole new genre". Here, Gary and wife, Donna, sing "Christmas Morning" from his Texas born musical, "A Lone Star Christmas Carol".
Finally! A new holiday love song! Gary and Donna are a tight harmonic duo. They sing and play originals and covers. Gary's originals have been described as "a whole new genre", as many of his songs defy being squeezed into any existing category. With an amazing reach of the left hand, Gary plays acoustic guitar with a truly unique style. Donna has a rich alto voice, blending beautifully with Gary's. Listening to Gary and Donna, you hear, commitment, fun, and love. Gary has been writing songs since he was 13 and has written music for two musicals in addition to many stand-alone songs. Gary has a double major in math and music; he also arranges and orchestrates.. The two of them have been school teachers for many years, but are now making a career change back into music. Gary has actually kept one foot in the music world even while he was teaching math for a living. He co-wrote the musical "A Lone Star Christmas Carol" with his friend, the late Gary Moody. The show was produced at Ft. Worth's Circle Theatre. "CHRISTMAS MORNING" is a cut from the this musical. Gary's other musical, McMulligan & Reigh has been performed as a concert with symphony orchestra and as a children's play.

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For theatre directors and producers interested in A Lone Star Christmas Carol, you can hear the music from the CD here.


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